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Gino Polettg 

Due to the increased cost of feed/wages over the past couple of years, we have had to have a price increase for the first time in 7 years. 

We offer spelling agistment, breaking-in, pre-training, training, rehabilitation, foaling down, float training and foal handling.


Generally we need 4 weeks to complete the early education, daily rate is $70/day.  Your horse will tie up, be a safe ride, have a soft mouth and will have all the basic "buttons".  Race horses will have been through the barriers and we can take them to Ascot race track for a week (at the end of the first 4 weeks) and give them their first week of track education.


Getting horses fit before they go to their trainers.  We have great undulating tracks to get them working hard, we have an 80x40m arena to ensure they are soft and flexible and we have great trail rides to keep them keen and interested. We like to do six weeks of pre-training after which time they are ready for some pace work. $70/day


Educating horses off the track is our speciality, or just ironing out problems horses have.  We not only educate the horse, but the riders too which makes the transition to taking them home an easy one. $55/day


Race horses are trained by Open Class Trainer, Gino Poletti. Rate is $95/day

General Spelling

1-5 acre paddocks - one to 2 horses with pasture and unlimited oaten or meadow hay $16.50/day (hard feeds can be added for additional payment of $5.50/day/horse) 

10-30 acre paddocks with up to 8 horses with pasture and unlimited oaten or meadow hay $12.50/day (hard feeds can be added for additional payment of $5.50/day/horse) 

Mini's are $4.40/day, ponies under 13.3hh are $8.80/day.

Race Horse Spelling:

Paddocks vary from 3 - 30 acres, unlimited hay plus 2 hard feeds and supplements daily - $28.50/day.


25 acre paddock with unlimited hay plus 2 hard feeds per day - $22.00/day.  We have purpose built foaling yards and 24 hour care.


Herd paddock, undulating hills and a fabulous nanny geldings to look after them.  Unlimited hay, 2 hard feeds and supplements daily $22.00/day

Permanent Retirees:

Herd paddock with pasture and oaten or meadow hay $66/week.


We are very experienced in most rehabilitation and price will depend on what is required.  We have stables, small day yards, and larger yards to help with all rehabilitation.  Rehab horses who are here for hoof care and corrective shoeing are billed at $16.50/day for agistment, which includes an individual or herd paddock with unlimited hay. If hard feeds are requested in addition to unlimited hay , the cost is $22/day for agistment.

Farrier prices 

: trim $70

: corrective trim $110

: race shoes $198

: rehab/corrective shoeing between $200 - $400 depending on shoes required and time taken to                          do corrective shoeing.


:  $66 per treatment

Price are inclusive of GST

We are not the cheapest spelling agistment centre, but we are very fairly priced considering the services and feed we supply.  Your horse will be extremely well looked after and feed is of the highest quality.  All our paddocks have new electric fencing and the property has been purpose built for our equine friends.

All our paddocks are well pastured, have wonderful natural shade and shelter, great clean/fresh water supply and are undulating.

We supply cotton sheets and flyveils in summer, and either canvas or doona rugs in winter.  We have a full time farrier/chiro/dentist on site.

Payment is fortnightly in advance for spelling agistment. Breaking-in is 50% up front, the remainder on completion of the breaking in.  All other accounts are issued at the end of the month and are payable within 7 days.  No horse leaves the property until the account is paid in full.  None payment of accounts will be taken to court or horse sold to recoup our costs.  We do not accept stallions, wind-suckers or fence walkers.  By sending your horse to us, you accept our terms and conditions.

Gino and Bethany live on the property so all horses have 24 hour care, 7 days a week. 

We are not responsible for loss or damage to flyveils/rugs (or any other gear) supplied by owners.

If the horse is dropped off and owned by a minor, the parents/guardian are jointly responsible for the horse and account. By signing our contract form, you acknowledge that all parties are aware of our T&C’s. 

Agisting your horse at Woodleigh Estate confirms you understand and accept our Terms and Conditions of payment requirements.